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Looking for supervision?

Looking for supervision?

I’m available to provide practice supervision in 2024 with beginning and experienced youth workers from the Hawkes Bay, Manawatu and Wellington. I can work face to face or online. I am a member of Korowai Tupu, the professional association for youth workers in Aotearoa. 


Getting started with supervision:

We would normally expect to meet every 4-6 weeks, I’m also available between times if there is a crisis. Supervision is a confidential and mana enhancing process. The focus is on helping you to reflect on your work and stay safe. 

I would expect you to prepare for our meetings by making some notes around what you want us to talk through. Your list would normally include some mix of: 

  1. Events and experiences that you want to reflect on.

  2. Reviewing how you are going with your role and responsibilities

  3. Reviewing action steps from previous sessions. 

  4. Events coming up that you want to prepare and get ideas for.

  5. How you are looking after yourself, your key relationships, and your professional development.


What does it cost?

If your organisation is covering the cost, the charge is normally $100 per session (about an hour).

If they aren’t, let’s talk. 

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