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Looking for professional development for your team?

Sector recognised workshops and customised training based on what your team or organisation needs. Delivered where you are.

Get in touch to find out how.


Working ethically involves much more than ‘don’t hit them and don’t start going out with them’. Based on the Ara Taiohi Code of Ethics, this one day practical workshop will equip your team to keep their young people and themselves safe.   

The workshop can be tailored for groups ranging from 5 to 35 people. 

Interested in booking some recognised training for your team? -see Hosting a Workshop (below


A two day workshop designed to equip practitioners, parents and professionals who are supporting young people through times of struggle and adversity. 

The workshop is an application of the Circle of Mana -an approach that seeks to engage youth around their developmental needs: to belong, to become competent, to take responsibility for themselves and to live generously. This approach is an alternative to focusing on the behaviours that often get them referred for support. 

The workshop content and Circle of Mana model are based on recent research around neuroscience, and resilience, and on approaches that resonate with traditional values in te ao Māori and Pasifika contexts.  The Circle of Mana has been adapted for the Aotearoa context from the original Circle of Courage model, as proposed by Brendtro, Brokenleg and Van Bockern. 

RAP workshops run from 9-3pm across two days with groups of between 15 (minimum) and 35 (max), they each feature theory, small group conversations and opportunities to put ideas into action as they are learnt. The workshop provides a helpful approach to building a shared language of youth development within and between organisations. It includes a printed handout with key visuals and certification for each participant. Other resources (book and Circle of Mana poster) will be on sale. 

Interested in booking for your team? -see Hosting a Workshop (below)


Non-clinical approaches to supporting young people who have experienced adversity and trauma. This one day workshop is for teachers, youth workers, whānau and those working in everyday settings such as education, churches, community and youth programmes.  We will use a youth development lens to focus on three questions:

  • What is trauma? 

  • How does it affect people? (especially children and youth)

  • How can we provide practical support in the context of what we do?

This interactive workshop extends the RAP principles to develop trauma


awareness and shared practice approaches across multidisciplinary teams. It can be tailored for a half or a whole day. 

Interested in booking for your team? -see Hosting a Workshop (below)


Anything from an hour to a day. Please get in touch if you’re looking for training that is customised around the needs of your team. Here are some examples:

  • What is youth development 

  • Managing safety

  • Inclusive practice (how to work with people who are not like you)

  • Great groups (planning and facilitating group activities) 

  • Liminality and rites of passage experiences with groups 

  • Assessment of unit standards in community youth programmes

  • If it’s not on this list, just ask…


(for existing OR customised workshops)

  1. Work out what you need.  

  2. Do you want it in house or are you are open to promote it to other groups in your community/area?

  3. Find a venue (divide your expected group number by 4, that’s how many smallish tables we will need in the room for working in groups). Data projector. 

  4. Manaakitanga and kai are your responsibility and cost (especially if it’s for a whole day) 

  5. Are you thinking about: a) funding it ourselves, b) seeking funding, c) charging participants? (or a mix of these?)

  6. Get in touch ( so we can discuss what you want, dates and costs. 

  7. I’ll provide you with a quote and confirm available dates. 

  8. You decide if you want to go ahead. 

  9. I'll book travel if you do.

  10. You are responsible for promo and registrations.

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